Hemp Industry

Hemp Can Help Heal Hawaii’s Agricultural Past

On June 10th hemp enthusiasts from around the world will descend on Hilo, Hawaii to discuss innovations in the hemp industry and its exciting future on the islands. The Hawaii Hemp Conference will host a mini expo and marketplace and a Let’s Talk Hemp speaker series. One focus of the conference will be the history of agriculture on the Hawaiian islands and how modern hemp farming can help repair the damage done by centuries of degradation.

Hawaii has a complex agricultural history. After colonization, Hawaii quickly went from sustainable farming practices to industrial monoculture sugarcane operations. As Hawaiian’s farming […]

The Green Angel is Coming!!

by Thomas Ivory, Jr.

The Green Angel is being manifested and she needs YOUR help to take flight!!

Dismantled, yet not in dismay; in fact nothing but heavenly thoughts are floating by the warehouse as the paper cutter etches out each and every individual serrated leaf.

Purples and oranges and greens are naturally dyed with naturally grown vegetation and bugs like rabbits brush and cochineal.

The five components that make up the Angel are her halo headdress, her broad fan wings, her torso buds, her feet roots, and her long glorious leaf train.

Stunning and mesmerizing is she strutting the catwalk, her leaves waving […]